• Hi, I'm Raquel Cool.

    I'm a writer in Santa Cruz, California.

    I am a founding member of We Are Egg Donors, a women's health organization and global conversation among more than 1,300 egg donors in 12+ countries. Our Bodies Ourselves commissioned this video about our work. In 2018, Health Canada invited us to consult on national policy regarding the Assisted Human Reproduction Act. I will be presenting at the Baby Markets Roundtable in San Francisco in May 2018.


    I have a toddler and a stepson. I'm represented by New York literary agency, Writers House. I am a recipe tester for Sun Basket. I designed this website for a physician. I live in a tiny house. I am an introvert. One time Dave Eggers drew a portrait of my eggs.


    I am writing a book called WOMEN WITH EGGS. Stay in touch by dropping your email below: